Print, Pack & Send Your Direct Marketing Campaign


Print, Pack & Send Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Running a successful business can easily be compared to the exhibitions in the Melbourne Museum. It is not just about displaying every piece of art available. It is about editing – picking, packing, and carefully selecting what will and what will not be available to the public. Success is all about tailoring the things that are most relevant to your customers. In fact, just like the art pieces in the Melbourne Museum, running a business is more about what you do not show to your customers rather than what you do show.

Becoming someone’s choice means becoming favorable destination. This is achieved by knowing your customers well and being able to match all their requirements. Today, few businesses can compete with the rest on the market. Simply offering a raw product or service does not really gain the customer loyalty which is crucial for business success. But, being able to sift to your customers the product jazzed up in an eye-catching package that will get your customers’ attention – now that’s something. And here’s where Handline can help you take control of your brand and execute the most effective direct marketing campaign.

The first thing you need to do is to start with your promotional material. Use your experience to gather information, to analyze your target audience and to refine your data in order to determine which products or services need to be presented and how. This way you can filter out your data and see which Handline fulfillment services suit your business the best. Yes, we at Handline pick, pack, print, fold, shrink wrap or box, and ship products. This is basically the core of what we do. But what makes Handline different from other 3PL providers, is the fact that we can tailor every service according to your own specifications.

For example, you may want to mail out postcards, magazines, brochures, flyers and other promotional material. But, are your target audience other businesses or residential homes? Or, will those be unaddressed or addressed mail outs? We are equipped with the latest technology and fulfillment-trained staff to help you cut your costs by processing all your articles from beginning to end.

  • Process your data;
  • Print articles (single or double sided prints, black & white or color prints);
  • Print envelopes according to the Australian Post requirements;
  • Fold articles (Side, Roll, Cross, Half Accordion, Z fold, and many other folding types);
  • Insert postcards, brochures, flyers and other promotional articles in envelopes;
  • Supply you with the full report on the lodged articles.

Maybe, you’d like to include a test product with your single sided or double sided flyer. You will need your products shrink, wrapped or packed in boxes and mailed to correct addresses in time. Did you know that the fast delivery is the second most important element of customer service?

As you can see, there are many steps between outlining your direct marketing campaign and the target audience receiving your promotional material. Direct marketing order fulfillment is not just about packing your promotional material, sticking labels and sending them out. It is about being able to funnel to your customers the right service or product on an individual basis. Handline can help you do all this. We offer customized fulfillment services with meticulous attention to details. After all, in business, one size does not fit all. Companies need to be super flexible and adaptable to any situation. Handline offers exactly that.

We are here to make your direct marketing campaign easier for you by being your No.1 and only call for all your finishing, printing and storage needs. With a support person available at all times and a climate-controlled 24/7 monitored facilities, we consider your business as our own. Handline is here to help you sent your direct marketing campaign, thus help you build and grow your brand.

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