How to save on mail out services using Australia Post

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How to save on mail out services using Australia Post

In today’s business world, the intense competition makes survival super hard. It all comes to one thing – you simply have to be better than your competitors. And being cheaper is not your best strategy. If you think you can win the ‘low price’ race, thumbs up to you. But if you need to slash your margins to a sliver which will leave you with almost no profit, then you need to find a way to throw a powerful uppercut that will have your competitors out cold.

Product awareness is the key to your business success. You need to arm yourself with powerful marketing weapons to target customers at low cost. And direct marketing is your best tool. This time-tested marketing platform may not be as sophisticated and ultra-modern as e-mail, but it surely delivers. Just because you have an eye-catching website, it does not mean you’ll acquire more clients. In fact, recent reports state that businesses which decided to swap direct mail for e-mail have experience a significant drop in sales within just three months. For this reason, many decide to tune up their direct marketing strategy.

With direct mail you can mail flyers, brochures, newsletters, sample products and more. There is nothing more powerful than a physical piece of advertisement. Recent consumer statistics are a proof. More than 78% of Australians say they prefer regular mail and almost never open e-mails from unknown sources. So, where do most of your promotional e-mails end up? The trash folder. And if we sum it all up, e-mail marketing is not really that cheap, is it? On the other hand, with direct mail, the chances of your target customers responding to your mail pieces are greater. If you are concerned about the cost, know that with direct mail, the more you mail, the more you save. You may wonder how. Two words – bulk mail.

If you process your mail pieces in a bulk mail format through a reliable mail house, you are eligible for Australian Post postage discount. The cost savings are huge. A mail house will prepare all your direct mail pieces in accordance with Australian Post standards and you can be sure your your articles will reach the desired destinations and in time. Therefore, for your next direct mail campaign, consider bulk mailing. And consider Handline as your most trusted bulk mail provider. We are here to stress over your direct mail campaign so you won’t have to. The BMP accreditation received from Australian Post is one more reason to trust Handline with your mail campaign. We are dedicated at making sure it is an efficient and effective one.

Need to send out promotional material, newsletter, annual reports, invoices or collection letters? Or maybe you want to deliver sample products up to 20kg? No problem. Handline can handle it all. Regardless of whether it is an impact, unaddressed, clean, acquisition or charity mail, we can match all your requirements. Get lower postage rates for more than 300 barcoded articles of the same size and weight. We work closely with Australian Post and we will not only mail your articles, but address, sort, insert in envelopes, etc. Our expertise and trained team will save you time and money which you can put into use in more important areas of your business. Handline customers know that they can rely on our mail out service to spread awareness about their products or services and business in general.

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