A heat sealer is a machine using heat to seal product packaging. Many small or large businesses are in need to use heat sealers to prepare their products for sale.
The heat sealers come in many variants and shapes. There are vacuum heat sealers that are perfect for medical, food and other industries, portable heat sealers etc. With the help of vacuum sealer and a quality plastic bag your products will be protected from bad weather, water and other harmful outside effects.

One of the very important finishing services that Handline can offer is heat sealing. We have a special machine that uses heat to seal packages, products and many other thermoplastic materials.

Heat sealing bags are resistant to water or bad weather and have no staples that can hurt you or your customers. The bags made of plastic material are much easier to use than paper bags. The plastic bags cannot be easily torn and if you want you can store them outside as well. The already used plastic bags can be reused as a trash bags.

Bar sealers have heated tool kept at a constant temperature. The bar sealer uses 1 or 2 heated iron or bars, connects with the material to heat the interface and form a bond.

Cross heat sealers have 1 or 2 heated elements, set between strong and flexible rubber usually made of fabric. The heating elements are not heated constantly. The heat is produced only when electric power flows. Once the materials are put in heat sealers they are held in place by pressure. An electric power heats the elements for a particular time in order to create the needed temperature.

Our heat sealers use pressure, time and heat to seal every product and our only wish and aim is to provide you with the best and high quality packaging.